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Arts & Entertainment Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

It is through the generous gifts of individuals, churches and organizations like you who believe in AEM that we are able to make a lasting impact.  Thank you.


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All Contributions are considered tax deductible donations. AEM is recognized as a tax exempt organization by the IRS and by the California Franchise Tax Board.


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Donate Online: The Donate Button above is a secure way through Paypal to process donations online. It’s quick & convenient! AEM accepts American Express, Visa, & MasterCard credit cards.

Donate via Snail Mail: You can mail AEM a check or cash to AEM, use the above address to mail the donation. Your gift can be a one time gift, recurring monthly gift or quarterly donation.

You can Gift Stock: AEM is equipped to handle these gifts through our Non-Profit  account with Schwab.  If you would like to gift stock to AEM here are the Stock Gift details: Charles Schwab account #1769-6846 DTC # 0164

Gift a Car, Boat, Trailer, etc: Yes it’s true, you can donate a vehicle! What do we do with it? Well actually there is a service for nonprofits that sells the vehicle and gives AEM the money from the sale. And it doesn’t matter what condition the vehicle is in.

Put AEM in Your Will: Take advantage of estate planning in order to invest in the work of AEM. You may want to designate a portion of your estate to be donated. There are many options to protect your assets and bless the work of AEM at the same time. 

Charitable Remainder Trusts: This tax-exempt irrevocable trust is designed to reduce the taxable income of individuals by first dispersing income to the beneficiaries of the trust for a specified period of time and then donating the remainder of the trust to AEM. The whole idea of a charitable remainder trust is to reduce taxes. This is done by first donating assets into the trust and then having it pay the beneficiary for a stated period of time. Once this time-frame expires, the remainder of the estate is transferred to AEM as the beneficiary.

Company Matching Grants: It can be easy to double, triple, or even quadruple the value of your donation to AEM with a matching gift! This is a benefit that hundreds of employers offer to encourage their employees to support nonprofits. So be sure to ask your Human Resources department if your charitable donations will be matched by your company. If they match gifts, call us and we can give your company all the proper paperwork to process the matching gift.

GoodSearch: By making GoodSearch your computer’s Homepage, you’ll use  the Yahoo! powered search engine. GoodSearch will ensure that every time you search the web about a penny goes to AEM! Just choose Arts & Entertainment Ministries as your cause. You can also use GoodShop and GoodDining to benefit AEM as well.

Ralph’s & Food 4Less:  Grocery Shop to support AEM! Ralph's and Food4Less will donate a portion of your purchases to AEM, as part of their "Community Contributions" program. It's easy! And it's free! All you do is register your rewards card on the Ralph's or Food4Less website. Once you have signed in or created an account, go to Find Your Organization and search for: Arts & Entertainment Ministries or enter our number:  90843, under Select Your Organization, you must click on the tiny circle to select us. Click the save changes button to save Arts & Entertainment Ministries as your selection.



From Pastors:

I am an older pastor with a long time interest in art and music. Over the years I have sought to support emerging artists and organizations integrating Christian faith and artist excellence. Arts and Entertainment Ministry (AEM) has been an easily mission to get behind. The experienced leadership and sharp teaching edge speaks for itself, but the ministry serves a unique role in nurturing people of faith engaged in an industry that often challenges their integrity. The relational support and accountability this supplies has filled a major void in connecting those desiring to enter vocations in the world of art and entertainment. AEM functions in a priestly role to the church, where artistic sensibilities and pursuits are not always properly understood or appreciated. In the time of our association my enthusiasm and confidence in this ministry has only grown. Our church supports this ministry because it provides a partnership with quality Christian leaders and artists who are infusing wisdom and integrity into an industry that influences the entire world.

My favorite event is the annual Night of Arts and Entertainment. The evening features artistic displays that covered the spectrum from Sculpture to poetry and weaving to rap. Each exhibit is hosted by the creating artists who interact with individuals and then are gathered together to speak and take questions from the whole gathered assembly.

Rev. Roy B.

From Screenwriters

I am a professional screenwriter. Arts and Entertainment Ministries is a dynamic organization that supports artists with a particular worldview. For a period of time I attended meetings held by Joel Pelsue where several of us got together to talk about our lives from both a professional and personal perspective. Here we could be quite open about what some of our struggles were. Being with like-minded artists, who were solid and committed professionals, and knowing that these individuals simply "got it" when you talked about some particular challenge you were going through, was refreshing. Joel, who has a music background himself, understands our journeys. This was one of the great things that I appreciated about him. Every artist, whatever their specific area of focus is, and whatever their specific worldview might be, has moments where they feel quite isolated. Finding a supportive group can help deal with this sense of isolation. Arts and Entertainment Ministries was that place for me. I've personally experienced the results of this organization by finding other artists who understood my professional and personal journey.

Joel is extremely solid and professional in what he does. An incredible heart to serve people in the arts. He needs strong, supportive donors with a regular, ongoing, commitment.

LA Screenwriter

From Visual Artists

In October 2009 I participated in the 6th Annual Arts and Entertainment Ministries Show . I am a sculptor and performance artist. I exhibited three sculptures and did a performance called "Fragility". My experience with AEM has been very important for me as an artist and as a person. The integrity of the directors, Rev. Joel and Michele Pelsue, and their commitment to excellence and honesty in the work of the artists, are the reasons why I try to attend all the meetings of the Institute. During those times, we discuss and wrestle with relevant topics that have to do with our faith and our work. At AEM we have become a community of artists who care not only about doing work, but how our work is going to contribute to our culture and our world: is our work going to make a difference?

The 2009 Annual Evening of Arts & Entertainment Show was an incredible experience. The team work of all the artists and volunteers was the thing that made the evening a memorable time not only for our audience but for us as artists. The evening was followed by two days of intense study and lectures. As a result I feel that I belong to a community of serious and committed artists.

Silvana Tei Kenney

I was an exhibiting artist at the 2009 AEM Arts and Entertainment Ministry Night. The program is run with the utmost professionalism and integrity. My experience with the organization has made a huge impact on my professional, and personal life. The conference I had the privilege to attend in 2010, was inspirational and motivating. Joel and Michelle continue to help their artists with monthly meetings that help us stay motivated, and focused. This organization is a benefit to Art and Entertainment industry, and a huge blessing to people out there trying to make it, in this difficult, and challenging field. I've personally experienced the results of this organization in continued encouragement, monthly events, exhibition opportunities, and a source of support, and motivation. I also have met many other artists that have helped me stay on track, and helped me to continue to pursue my passion of painting.

Christina Ramos

From Gallery Owners

I am a gallery owner and have put on many higher end shows in the South Bay area. I consider myself a strong critic of fine art, particularly Christian art and for the most part, I have not experienced a high degree of skill and marketing in the Christian art community until I became involved with Arts and Entertainment Ministries. Joel, Michelle and their art jury do a very skillful job of weeding through the Christian art community to find the artists that are not only very talented, but also represent a broad spectrum of art medium. They are great facilitators in taking the message from the artists, organizing the "story", and putting on events that bring the public into the heart of the bigger picture. They do it with excitement, dynamism and depth. Let me emphasize depth....Joel is a deep communicator himself, and he understands that the culture is looking for honest, balanced, intelligent conversation.

They are not just 'doing art shows' , but forming a foundation of compelling point of views that incorporate the expression of the art world. Part of this foundation is the parallel addition of their Institute. Some people would balk at spending 2 days listening to a 'bible study' or professorial expose of art in our culture... I for one was one of those people. But I thought well enough of Joel and MIchelle to risk the time, and realize now that it was one of the most valuable 2 days of collective information and interacting with other artists that I could have spent.

On a pragmatic level, Joel and Michelle are very organized and extremely competent administrators. This makes their events satisfying to go to from that point....you are not dragged to death! I would have given them 5 stars, but they are still in the growth stage. Their marketing plan is well-balanced and well thought out, so I expect to see large impacts on whole groups of professionals particularly.

Terri H.

From Recording Artists

My name is Jahmal Holland and I am a recording/performing artist. Since becoming involved with Arts and Entertainment Ministries, I have found answers to questions that have concerned me since I began my career in the entertainment field. Pastor Joel and Michele Pelsue are both insightful and supportive and have provided me with wisdom and resources that have encouraged and facilitated my growth as an artist. The support I've received from Arts and Entertainment Ministries has served in large part to enable my development as an artist. I've personally experienced the results of this organization in experiencing greater artistic freedom and creativity which is crucial in my profession.

Jahmal Holland

From Actors

This ministry is on the cutting edge of teaching how to create professional art from a Christian worldview. Joel and Michelle Pelsue really understand the importance of art in our culture and the importance the Bible gives art. They also are not afraid to tackle the tough issues that are unique to artists. They tackle these from a very balanced but Biblical perspective. I've been so encouraged by this ministry to see the importance of my own art and to see the responsibility I have as a creator of culture. I've personally experienced the results of this organization in reshaping the way I see art from a Christian worldview.

LA Film/TV/Commercial Actor & Musical Theatre Leading Man

From College Professors

This group is providing highest quality instruction, healing, and education to artists and the Christian community. They are standing in the gap that has been waning for decades. I found it to be a solid, intelligent, grace-filled group that serves nationally and internationally. I've personally experienced the results of this organization in placing myself under their instruction and advice. I gained a deep understanding of my career and how it is supported by my faith. They earned my trust and highest respect, I experienced their integrity.

Prof. Kate B.

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